Beer Holder or Water Holder?

The other day, my mom, who is working in a small town in Laos, went to a cafe for lunch. After ordering a tuna sandwich, she looked around the café as she waited. She is always looking for “Let’s BEAR” products. “BEAR” is the acronym of Be Empowered with Available Resources!

In the cafe, her eyes caught sight of beer holders made of plant material. She had seen a variety of plant-made “wine” holders in different countries, but this was her first time to see “beer” holders. She was so intrigued by the beer holders that she took pictures of them, asking a lot of questions to the waitress.

beerholder01_sm beerholder02_sm

The tuna sandwich came, and my mom went back to the table. Later when she was paying the bill, the waitress brought one of the beer holders to my mom and said, “This is for you!” My mom was “beary” pleased with the present.

Since she does not drink beer at all, she uses it as a water holder now! In the future, in an entrepreneurship development training program, she may show it to you as an example of a “Let’s BEAR” product.

I thank the waitress “beary” much for the gift.