Reincarnation of Old Tires?

oldtires01_smLook! What is this?

Yes, it is a tire. But it is not a whole tire. It is half a tire. My mom, who is working in Laos, found this in a village the other day.

What is half a tire used for in the village?

It is used as a food tray for animals. Villagers put some food on the tray, and pigs and chickens eat the food. Isn’t it a nice idea?

oldtires02_sm oldtires03_sm

oldtires04_smWhen my mom visited a rural area in Mongolia several years ago, she found another way of “reincarnating” old tires. Look at the photo. This is a greenhouse after the nylon sheet was removed. Look at the bottom part! Old tires are used to support iron poles. It’s also a wonderful idea, isn’t it?