“Technical Cooperation Project” in the Family

Bobby with hatLook at this hat! Isn’t it “beary” nice? My mom, Yasuko, knitted it for herself to prepare for hot and sunny days coming soon. Since the hat is “beary” nice, I asked her to put it on me. Does it suit me well? My mom likes knitting. She sometimes enjoys knitting. Why does she like knitting? How did she learn how to knit?

Her mom and aunties (= her mother’s sisters) were “beary” good at knitting. When my mom was a little girl, perhaps at Grade 1 or 2, she started to enjoy knitting with her mom and aunties. She used to knit mufflers, shawls, sweaters, and even a thick Cowichan sweater!

Her mom passed away in 2007 because of cancer. My mom has a lot of memories with her mom. My mom learned from her mom a lot about “traditional Japanese women’s work.” One of the techniques that she learned from her mom is how to knit. Six years have passed since her mother passed away. However, her knitting technique is still alive in her daughter. This is a good example of technical transfer! May I conclude that the technical cooperation that my mom’s mom implemented was successful? This is the result of the final, no, ex-post evaluation of the Knitting Technical Cooperation Project in Yasuko’s Family!