Bobby's Shirt

Do I Look Stylish?

Look! I am wearing a blue shirt today. Do I look stylish?

Bobby's ShirtLook at my shirt carefully. What do you think is this made of? Did someone say, “Cotton?” Yes, it’s made of cotton. But that is not the only answer I expected. Look at my shirt more carefully. Read the letters on it. It says, “FLOUR,” “FLOUR MILLS. INC.,” “25 KILOS,” and so on. Have you got the answer? My shirt used to be a flour sack! When my mom went to the Philippines, she found it. She has been to the Philippines many times. Whenever she goes there, she always finds interesting recycled, no, “UP-cycled” products. If you are interested in other UP-cycled products, go to “Not Just RE-cycling, But UP-cycling.”