• Post-harvest Handling for Marketing

    This is lemon grass. Since it smells very good, it is used for tea, soup, soap, and cosmetics. If you were a farmer who produces lemon grass, how would you sell the lemon grass?

  • How to Manage a Large Group

    Lina Martines, sitting in the middle on the left, is an entrepreneur of a cassava-processing business in Honduras. She is in charge of 120 women. She says that she learned a lot about how to manage a large group from a Japanese women’s group that she visited in 2008.

  • Ethical Bags from Kenya

    Look at this bag! Guess where it is from. It was sold at a department store in Tokyo, but it was made in Kenya. The colorful small triangular frills generate an exotic atmosphere. Those frills are made of traditional African women’s dresses which are not used any more.

  • Be Creative! Let’s BEAR!

    These are all made from dried plants using flowers, leaves, grains, and twigs. They are all lovely. Shall we make something lovely together?

  • What to Do with Old Magazines and Newspapers?

    These serious-looking women are having a meeting to produce environmentally friendly and lovely things for women. What are they?

  • Cooking Clean and Green

    Climate change and the excessive use of scarce resources have been endangering the natural environment. Shall we contribute to preserving the “clean and green” earth by cooking “clean and green?”

  • Local Production Local Consumption Model

    Selling fresh agricultural produce on the street or at a local market is the simplest marketing method. Let’s see what is happening there!

  • Rural Development: “Tassha” Village

    In Nambu, which is located in the northern tip of the Japanese mainland, there are varieties of fruit. With cherries as the symbol of Nambu, the Tassha Village Project has been going on well. What does Tassha mean? What activities are they doing there?


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